2017. with Renée Riedler. REOPENING OF THE WELTMUSEUM WIEN: TIME BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE. ICOM CC Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures: Conservation Newsletter July 2017. Newsletter ICOM-CC_WG July 2017 final.

2015. Melangell Penrhys, Mackay, L., Schultz, R., Dovgan Nurse, L., Becevic, A., and D. D’Arcangelo. Building capacity in textile conservation in South East Europe: lessons from practice. ICON UK Textile Group Spring Forum ‘Learning Curve: Education, Experience and Reflection’ 13 April 2015 London. abstract: Building Capacity workshop.

2015. Review of ‘Clothes Tell Stories: Working with Costume in Museums’. Online Resource Hosted by the International Committee for Costume, International Council of Museums (ICOM). Textile History Vol 46 (1), 124-126.

2014. L. Dovgan Nurse, V. Ljubic-Tobisch, C. Clouter, T. Winkler, M. van Bommel, A. Selviasiuk, M. de Keijzer, R. Hofmann-de Keijzer. Dye Analysis Contributes to the Interpretation of the Object’s History: Investigating Upholstery of the 1841 Horse-Drawn Railway Carriage ‘Hannibal’ at the Technisches Museum Wien. Dyes in History and Archaeology 33, Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History, University of Glasgow, 29-30 October 2014. relevant post here.

2014. Dovgan Nurse, L., Eastop, D. and M.M. Brooks. Authenticity in the revival of orthodox ecclesiastical embroidery in post-Soviet Russia. In: R. Gordon, E. Hermens and F. Lennard (eds) Authenticity and Replication: The ‘Real Thing’ in Art and Conservation. London: Archetype, 74-85. Copy of the paper here.

2013. Luba Dovgan Nurse and KOBAKANT: Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi (accepted for 2013). Conductive Threads of Postmodernity: Materiality and Engineered Agency of The Crying Dress. North American Textile Conservation Conference 2013, Conserving Modernity: The Articulation of Innovation, 12-15 November, 2013, San Francisco, California.

2012. A support mount made from Nomex card for storage and three-dimensional display of an incomplete and fragile 19th century bonnetJournal of the American Institute for Conservation , Vol. 51, N. 1, p. 77-84.

2009. Dovgan Nurse, L., Eastop, D. and M. Nesbitt. Modified leaves for garment manufacture: a 19th century Maori cloak made from the leaves of the mountain daisy Celmisia (tikumu) Dovgan Nurse Eastop Nesbitt poster_Maori cloak September 2009 Book of Abstracts, Combined (Australia and New Zealand) Conference of The Textile Institute 2009, University of Otago, New Zealand.

2009. North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC), Québec City. A Support Mount Made from Nomex® Card for Flat Storage and Three-Dimensional Display of an Incomplete and Fragile 19th Century Bonnet.

Ouspensky P.  1995. The Fourth Way, translated by Luba Dovgan. St. Petersburg: Komplekt.


Note: Dovgan is a Russified name of Dovhun (origin – eastern Slovakia).


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